Vincenzo Recchia is an Italian composer, orchestrator and arranger of music for films, documentaries, spots and videogames. Appreciated for his creativity, Vincenzo is precise, punctual, reliable, always kind and smiling.

After a classical education in piano and chamber music, he obtained a Master in Film Scoring with honors at ADSUM in Lecce (Italy) and he is currently the assistant to Maestro Francesco De Donatis, responsible for the “Master in film scoring composition of music for films , documentaries, spots and videogames “.

In 2020 he participated in an internship at Mad Wave Audio, LLC (Los Angeles) and in the same year he won the 3RD place in the “Indie Film Music Contest 2020” by composing original music for the short “Poulette’s chair”.

Vincenzo’s recent work includes the collaboration with the film production and distribution house Cattive Produzioni, with the digital platform TEX_Platform project of TEX – The theater of ExFadda and with the Made in Carcere brand. Vincenzo is a very good team player and he has great problem solving skills gained thanks to 10 years’ experience as a piano teacher and director of the youth orchestra of the World Music Academy.